Years of training in the ways of old masters and traditional forms. The discovery and prowess of new modes, studies and technology. In refinement of ability and proficiency. Meticulous detail to shape. A tender attention for texture. An obsession and adoration for quality, and it’s sister, perfection. The use of the self’s hands, the honing of a being’s mind, and the bringing forth of passion from one’s heart. These are the principles and foundations of any true artisan.

And so it is with Artisan Trade Guild. Founded by Samuel A. Cirelli, a fourth generation Italian American craftsman with more then 30 years of experience in the tile, trowel and masonry methods, for one simple reason… to revive and maintain the impeccable standards and ideals by which true craftsmanship should be performed, operate under and be held to.

At Artisan Trade Guild, we cultivate a collaborative creative process with you to bring your own inspiration, ideas and imaginings into being. We believe that, in working in such a way, your house truly becomes your home, an abode to inspire awe with admiration, one to welcome in many a guest or gazer. Whether you are beginning a project from conception or if plans are already well under way, we at Artisan Trade Guild are comfortable becoming your partner in vision, creation and realization. Constructing. Realizing. Remodeling. Or dreaming.

If you are interested in the creation of the unique and want to live within imagination everyday, then you must engage those versed in the practices of the visionary. A loyal partner with a true passion for the profession. One to envision, conceive, and build the special. With hands forged in the past. A mind studying the future. Along a heart present and devoted.

An Artisan.


inveniam aut faciam


& an Eye.

To be called a master,
a craftsman must have his proficiencies

  • Doctrine of Tilework
  • Cognition of Hardscaping
  • Insight into Flooring
  • Wisdom over Masonry
  • Advocation of Design
  • Principles of Interior Architecture
  • Laws of Windows and Doorways

Julie & Chris Tellford

flooring & tilework

We knew we wanted a new kitchen, that was really all we had to give Sam and his team at Artisan. Well we had rough ideas, notes on napkins and post-its and thoughts of this picture from that architecture magazine or just words like marble and hardwood. Oh and a polished silver rooster we found at a bazaar. But no notion like the concepts that the team brought in with sketches and plans, mood boards and samples and stunning renderings. You felt like they understood us and our family and what would be created was new but comforting.

Next thing you prepare yourself for is all the headaches you hear about remodeling a part of your home - the noise, the intrusions, the delays and the disturbances. The thoughts of “I just want my home back”.

Well, never happened.

With Artisan Trade Guild, they were the most professional and polite group. Never had to ask them to quite down, never a trail of dirt or debris and they were done two full days before the quoted date. And our new galley was composed to perfection!

You think back and remember that all you really wanted was a new area to cook and enjoy your meals and you come away with a whole new experience of how to enjoy time together. An original way to welcome guests and family and a whole new reason to invite and visit with even those you haven’t spoken to in years! Now we want to see what they can do with other rooms in the house, if only to get us to maybe stop spending all day in our new kitchen…

A room for privacy and peace

A Point of Paradise

To some, a bathroom is merely an ancillary space in their home not to be discussed or considered. The constantly unspoken of chamber behind closed door.

In your home it can become a modern marvel of marble, a wonder of woods and waters or a sanctuary of stone silences.

We at Artisan Trade Guild believe every area of your domicile is to be distinct and celebrated and just as comfortable and welcoming as any other. The water closet should be no different. We will work with you or your own designers to actualize a room that you will be proud of and ensure that it includes every comfort you will imagine and want. From a rain shower feature, to a steam cabinet or softening sauna, to twin sinks, even dueling bidets. This is a space of relaxation and purification. And this expanse itself should reflect and realize that and so much more.

Your Shangri-la revealed.

Great art picks up where nature ends.

Marc Chagall

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